Sunny Liège

21 May 2016

Liège – worth a trip

As part of our popular series of city tours, on Saturday, 21 May 2016 we went to Liège, capital of the province with the same name.

Sandrine Cowling, our president, had prepared us for the trip on the previous Tuesday with an introduction to the city.  47 club members from 10 different countries joined us.
We left Jülich at 9:15 with our friendly bus driver and reached Liège by 10:45.  First we toured the exhibition „En Plein Air“ („In the Open Air“) at the Museum Boverie, showing examples of outdoor paintings ranging from Dutch works from the 16th century to modern art. As usual on such trips, we could choose between an English or German tour.  After this impressive exhibition we had free time.  Sandrine’s suggestions helped us enjoy the afternoon.
Part of the group strolled under sunny skies along the Maas towards the historic old town below the huge citadel, where we had a fantastic view of the city.  Our members enjoyed a delicious Belgian lunch, shopped or took a break in a café.  Others took the mini-bus for a one-hour tour through the city with explanations in German and other languages.
At the end of an eventful day we returned to Jülich around 18:00.
Everyone would like to thank our board for organizing this successful trip.

(photos in the gallery)

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