Art History in Bergische Land

October 10th, 2017

This year our fall trip took us through the art history of the Bergische Land in NRW – a region rich in culture and charming landscapes. 

On Saturday, 14 October 2017 we visited the Altenberger Cathedral and the Schloss Burg on the Wupper near Solingen.

The first stop on our sunny trip through the fall colors of the Bergische Land was the Altenberg Cathedral. Our tour guides explained the history of the famous cathedral.  The Cistercian Order began building the gothic cathedral in 1250, but it wasn’t completed until 120 years later. The impressive architecture of the cathedral, especially the colorful west window, shows the deep beliefs of this Order.  For over 100 years the cathedral has been shared by the Catholics and Protestants.

Our trip continued to Schloss Burg near Solingen. Many members used the free time to visit the castle courtyard or take a lunch break with “Bergische” waffles. Our tour of the interior, including the battlements, towers, elegant rooms and the museum began at 4:00 pm. The castle was built in 1133 by the Counts of Berg, but has been destroyed and rebuilt several times since then.  During the 19th century, growing interest in German history led to the current structure, which was rebuilt from 1898 to 1914 by local wealthy citizens and the Prussian dynasty. The magnificent wall paintings by members of the Düsseldorf painting school show scenes from the history of the castle. 

At the end of the trip everyone, including international visitors from the USA, China, Japan, and South Korea thanked the International Club board for the organization as well as  Kay Stone for the interesting trip.

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