Greetings cards with Myriam

Tuesday, 20th May, 2014

Today we were encouraged to use a computer steered programme, to create our own Greetings Cards. 

Myriam Woischnik, patiently, guided us through the system which she uses.    This involves taking photographs of flowers or objects, and afterwards inserting them into a programme which assists you to put together a professional greetings card.

There was a mixed response to this discussion, several others have experience of using this system, other members have different methods, or different programmes, with the same purpose. Nevertheless, there were several who gathered round to ask pointed questions, with the intention of attempting something similar themselves.

We were also able to welcome a young Chinese gentleman, who has just arrived in Jülich.  He had many questions, about the town, shopping, finding a flat, etc., various members did their best to answer his questions.

(have a look at the photos ...)

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