Roses and more

Tuesday 17th June, 2014

Today, Hans Eifler gave a talk about Roses and their history. 


We began in the Rocky Mountains 25 Million years ago, where fossilized roses have been found. Then we touched on the fact that Roses had been found in the Pyramids. The observation was made that crusaders had brought Damascene roses home with them, and the history ended with the influx of tea roses, from China. 

We then broached the subject of the various types of roses, produced by different countries, and spoke of favourite roses, their names and illnesses.

The topic proved one of interest and the questions, with the following dialogue, stretched through to the end of our meeting.

Brenda Eifler and Fiona Stahn provided members with Jam containing Rose Leaves, candied rose leaves, Rose Leaf Muffins, Rose Leaf Syrup which could be added to various drinks to add flavour.

The morning ended with warm applause and thanks.

(see more photos in the gallery)

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