St. Nikolaus visits the guest house

Friday 5th December, 2014

Due to a combination of circumstances, this year the feast of St. Nikolaus was, for the adults, a crowded chaotic afternoon. For the numerous children this was enchantment, a wonderful experience.


The Guest House was full, with well over thirty adults, and what seemed like, double the number of children. The younger children played, with the toys provided, while the others sat at tables making Christmas decorations. Soft drinks and coffee was available.

The announcement was made, that we could go into the other room to watch the “Shadow Play” which Lila and her helpers had prepared. It took a little time to get the children settled in front of the stage... but the introductory music set the mood, and even the youngest watched the beginning of the story. Though I suspect that the adults enjoyed the show just as much as did the children.

When St. Nikolaus arrived, there was much excitement, and bright, eager, children’s eye’s watched the tall imposing figure come into the room. Happily, the bolder children answered questions, and even sang a song.. There were many photographs made, parents were making sure to record a special day in their children’s lives. The large “Weckmänner”, and apples, were presented, and the delighted youngsters couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into them.

This afternoon was, due to the large number of, excited, children, a magical experience for all those present, great and small.

A big thank you to St. Nikolaus, and all those who helped with the organisation.

(Photos in the gallery ...)