Residence State of Dresden

29th September 2015


This morning our clubroom was crowded, so much so that there wasn’t sufficient seating for all of the participants.  Mr Hans-Georg Plott had offered to give a talk about the Residence State of Dresden.


The tables were decorated with autumn colours, by Frau Brunhilde Hütten, and in each place there was a small gift, from Hans-Georg and his wife, of “Dresden Häppchen” to add flavour to the morning coffee, and tea.

We were captivated by the presentation of a mixture of music, ancient and modern buildings, historical facts and anecdotes, even those of us with some knowledge of the town of Dresden learned something new.   There were many questions, and the talk was followed by several intriguing conversations.

The morning was further embellished by our Chinese members, who, celebrating their Moon festival, provided us with traditional delicacies, which were very much appreciated.

Hans Georg was royally applauded, and given a numerous amount of private “thank you’s’.

The appreciation of the mornings programme was such, that it ran very much over-time, and members stood about in the foyer, and outside, reluctant to end such a pleasant occasion.

(Have a look at the gallery)

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