International afternoon coffee

Sunday, 31st January, 2016

We arrived at the Guest House at three in the afternoon, wishing to attend the once yearly “coffee afternoon”.

We discovered that the tables had been beautifully decorated, by Brunhilde Hütten. Already, numerous cakes decorated the Buffet tables, and as other club members arrived the Buffet increased in size. There was something for everyone, the Buffet was so varied and interesting, from simple apple tart, to fresh cream gateaux, from cheese scones to mushroom tart.

It was delightful to realise that our “coffee afternoon” had drawn so many people, not only to attend, but to provide such a variety of good things to eat.

We were not just club members, some people came from the FZ, others were those living temporarily in the guest house. As the numbers grew, we were grateful that we had saved the old chairs, and we needed to bring a number up, into the clubroom, so that everyone could be seated.

Our “Coffee Afternoon” has turned into a tradition, a wonderful warm and welcoming afternoon which made a dull, wet, January day very special. Our grateful thanks to everyone who made this possible


(Photos in the gallery)

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