Tuesday, 10 March

A special treat for all culture lovers lured numerous interested listeners to the Club Room this morning: Hans-Georg Plott captured our imagination with another one of his excellent illustrated lectures.

Today we had the opportunity to follow him on a stroll in Goethe's footsteps through the Weimar of the Classicist period. This relatively small town was once home to such famous individuals as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, and Franz Liszt, and we now had the chance to see the places where they lived and worked. We also learned that Weimar has many more highlights to offer, among them the Herder Church (Stadtkirche St. Peter und Paul) with its impressive Cranach altarpiece, and the world-renowned Duchess Anna Amalia Library. The beautiful town along the Ilm river sports several gardens and parks that invite the visitor for a promenade, as do the architectural sights spanning a wide range of eras from the early Renaissance to the Bauhaus style.

Those members who had already been planning a trip to Weimar received fresh impetus through Hans-Georg's presentation. But many others, too, have resolved to add the town to their future itineraries.

Thank you, Hans-Georg!

(link to the photo gallery)

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