Lazarus Strohmanus visits the Club

February 13th, 2018

On 13 February 2018 a brightly costumed and cheerful group celebrated Carnival in the Guest House. 

Brunhilde and Heidrun had already decorated the rooms with a Carnival atmosphere, then they surprised the members with delicious jelly donuts and donut holes, which are traditional treats.

The highlight of our morning was the visit by the traditional “Lazarus Strohmanus” society during their historical parade through Jülich with colorful straw brooms and their band.  The society members wore blue uniforms as they danced their original broom dance and read satirical poems.  The “strawman” Lazarus was tossed up into the air and caught three times.  With loud applause the International Club offered drinks to the dancers and band.  The children of our members especially enjoyed the show.  After the “strawmen” left, the members enjoyed a snack to end our Carnival party.

(Photos in the gallery)

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