A Walk Through Jülich's History

Wednesday, October 3rd

On 3 October 2018, “German Reunification Day", the International Club Jülich invited our members to a city tour of Jülich.

Our tour guide was Josef Vahsen, a profound connoisseur of Jülich's town history. Forty-five members, including many international guests and their families, expressed their interest in the history and culture of our city. The tour took place in German and English. Andreas Nogga kindly translated the tour into English.

Our guide began with a summary of the eventful history of Jülich, which dates back to Roman times. From the Witches’ Tower, a former medieval city gate that today houses the Jülich Art Association, we moved on to the market square. There, our guide showed us the plaque in the middle of the market commemorating the architect of the fortress and city, Alexandro Pasqualini.

Our next goal was the Citadel with its mighty fortification walls. We were fascinated by the explanation of the eventful history of the Citadel, which is one of the most important fortifications north of the Alps. We continued past the statue of the Roman goddess Minerva – built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Research Centre Jülich - to the fortress wall called the “Johannes-Bastion,” from which we had a panoramic view of the “Schlossplatz” park and the city center.

Josef Vahsen surprised us here with a trumpet solo to remind us of the time when the fortress was still used as a barracks. While visiting the cannons up on the walls, we got an interesting view into the interior of the citadel.  The last stop on our tour was a visit to the Renaissance-style castle chapel, today a venue for concerts, lectures and student performances.

With warm applause we thanked Josef Vahsen for his inspiring city tour of the historical fortress town of Jülich.

We concluded the afternoon together comfortably in the "Cafe Mainz-Weitz".



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