Belgian Fries – Belgium’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

Januar 22nd, 2019
On Tuesday, 22 January 2019, our club member, Myriam Woischnik, gave us culinary insights into Belgian fries.

She started with a short historical review, where we learned that the first fries were prepared at the end of the 17th century in the Maas region.  Originally, small fish were fried, then later the slices of potatoes that became the national dish of Belgium: fries.

Original Belgian fries are prepared from specific types of potatoes and carefully selected fats and enjoy great popularity everywhere in Belgium.  Myriam vividly explained how fries are made. In addition to mayonnaise, up to 50 other sauces may be used.

Incidentally, the first „Frittenbuden“ or fries stands already existed in the 19th century.   Today there are about 5000 in Belgium, which explains why that country produces the most fries in the world.

Myriam’s talk led to an interesting discussion among the 30 members present.  We thanked her with applause for her presentation. 

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