Jülich alaaf! Carnival at ICJ

March 5th, 2019

On March 5th, Shrove Tuesday, we were in good mood at the ICJ meeting.

30 costumed members and 9 children gathered in the colorful decorated room. Cheerful the time flew by until the highlight of the morning started: the visit of the traditional “Lazarus Strohmanus” society.

At 10:30, the parade appeared at the guest house, the band leading the group. Easily recognized  by their blue shirts, white pants and colorful hats and their "strawman Lazarus" in mid and some with the traditional brooms in their hands.  After a fanfare, the society members greeted us with a poem and, under a lot of applause, presented the Lazarus medal to our president Meredith Peyser. As usual the roughly 70 members of the society got a little refreshment and the ICJ members thanked the Lazarus society  with cheerful applause for its impressive presentation.  Our carnival party ended with coffee and donuts singing happily the "Hexenturm" song.