A successful commencement to 2020.


February 4th 2020

This years international coffee-table, on the 26th January, delighted all attendants.   More than 50 members responded to their invitation, including several families and numerous friends and foreign co-citizens. 


Our new president, Myriam Woischnik-De Buck, welcomed us cordially and introduced our, newly chosen, Committee members  We were then made aware of the fact that our Club is looking forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of its foundation. Myriam asked for suggestions as to how we might best celebrate this event.  We then considered future activities during the month of February.      Following this a club member, Kay Stone, obligingly translated the information into English.
We were then invited, by our President, to partake in the extensive Buffet which consisted of over twenty-five delicious cakes, ranging from apple crumble to Onion Tart.   Included in this were various foreign specialities.  Each and every one had been created by the members themselves.
The tasty Buffet was only one side of this social event..   Numerous conversations enlivened our afternoon and ensured that this convivial get-together would conjure up a warm and friendly atmosphere, leaving us with the memory of two interesting, appetizing and inspiring hours.

Report from Brenda

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