Carnival virtual - a new experience in 2021


February 14, 2021

Carnival virtual - a new experience in 2021

In "normal" circumstances, the ICJ traditionally meets on Violet Tuesday ( Pancake Day) morning for a happy carnival party in the guest house. Whilst waiting for the visit of the Lazarus Strohmanus Society we enjoy coffee, champagne with or without O-juice and delicious Berliners.

Due to the corona situation not allowing such a gathering, the Board organised with technical support from Kay Stone, the first ever Online Carnival party in the 50 year history of the Club.

And so a group of costumed members well equipped with drinks willing to party, “met” on Sunday afternoon, 14th February on the Internet. The somewhat different situation dampened the mood slightly but the joy outweighed the pleasure of seeing the other participants healthy and in good mood at least on screen.

Myriam, Astrid and Andreas posted photos of carnival parties from previous years, some of which caused hearty laughter. Photos of former members, now spread world wide also warmly reminded of the Carnivals and the costumes all yielding cheerful laughter.

A video was showed by Myriam of the Lazarus Strohmanus Society guest appearance filmed last year in front of the Guest House.

The atmosphere was relaxed with some carnivals music in the background.

Thanks to the organising body for the realisation of a super idea. Let's hope that next year we have returned to normality and can celebrate Carnival all together at the Club.

A report by Claudia Zander

Translation by Lorraine Büchner

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