Reports of latest activities

January 30, 2011

The month of January draws to a close with the celebration of the traditional „International Coffee Table“ on the 30th. A slightly smaller group of adults attended this year, about thirty to forty club members and friends took part, providing eatables and bringing with them over fifteen children of all ages, three were under the age of four months. This lively meeting had the atmosphere of a family get-together, rather than being part of a clubs monthly programme. 
There was a huge variation of cakes and sweetmeats to choose from as well as some savoury alternatives. The organisation was excellent this year, the planning was unobtrusive but nevertheless everything was to hand, and there was no delay in the serving of hot drinks. I simply must add that the table decoration was extremely attractive, and eye catching in its simplicity.
The club’s January programme has been a good start to 2011 - now we can look forward to what February will bring.

January 18, 2011

On Tuesday the 18th January, Hans Eifler gave a talk about Wedgwood china and other Wedgwood products, He exhibited several items of Jasperware, Bone China, Black Basalt and Queens ware. Numerous members turned up for this meeting, which was a mixture of practical facts and interesting information. Wedgwood served the Royal Houses of various European countries, but most especially that of Great Britain, providing porcelain commemorative items during the reigns of eleven Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom, the trademark of Wedgwood is the so-called Portland Vase.
Long after the meeting was officially ended, Hans was kept busy answering questions, confirming the fact that this was an interesting and well appreciated part of the Club’s monthly programme.


January,12 2011

The German Literature Group look back through the year of 2010 at their reading material and the participants can be proud of the improvement in their usage and understanding of the German language.
After a simple beginning, reading Poetry and Short stories, they have graduated to reading more demanding literature. This past year has seen the group enjoying stories and poems by the following authors:
Kästner, Doris Lessing, Bernhard Schlink, Theo Fontane, Harasym Lipska, Thomas Mann, Stefan Zweig, Dürrenmatt, Bertold Brecht, Hilde Domin, John Düffel, Eichendorf. Goethe and more. 
The German Literature Group has proven popular and the enthusiasm of those taking part promises a continuing high attendance.


January 15, 2011

Barbara Müller kindly organised a Saturday Programme for the 15th January 2011, featuring Marlies Stechemesser's Shadow Play group from Tetz. The play was the fairy story of Hansel and Gretel written by the Brothers Grimm. Barbara was concerned as to whether a suitably large audience could be assembled, however the club responded valiantly to her concern and, in addition to the parents with children, numerous unaccompanied club members attended this meeting.
In this modern age of Computer and Television, it was delightful to be transported back in time, when all entertainment was hand made. 
The many children present were enchanting, the eyes of the adults followed the reaction of the children as well as the play. 
The players had been diligent and imaginative, producing a stage set and production which was an excellent background to their music.
One of the, very friendly, members of the Players informed me that, the group gather regularly as a music group, to play Flute and Recorder. Obviously, a Shadow Play provides a suitable background to their music. Therefore, although the play was programmed for younger children, the accompanying music was much appreciated by the older members of the audience. 
The whole afternoon was extremely well organised, ending with a glass of wine, or soft drinks according to age and inclination, with biscuits and bonbons for the children. I was happy to see various club members drawing the Players into their circle and making them feel welcome and appreciated. This light hearted and convivial ending to the entertainment, underlined a very enjoyable and social afternoon.

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