The constitutional meeting of the International Club Jülich e.V. took place on March 8, 1970.
The first Committee Board had seven members:
Mrs. R. Kamat, Dr. Wald, Mr. Ahrens, Mr. Kedim, Mr. Galikine, Dr. Fischer, Town Magistrate 
Mr . Schröder.

The club's constitution was accepted on Feb.15, 1972. On March 24, 1972, the club was entered into the Register of Associations at the Jülich Local Court.

At this point of time, the Club had approximately 110 members, from twenty different countries.

The first meetings were held in the „old Town Hall“, then in the old Engineering School (now the Fachhochschule), and finally in the Roncalli-Haus, until the construction of the Guest House was completed in 1972.

ICJ Presidents and Vice Presidents:

  1. Vorsitzende 2. Vorsitzende
1970 - 1973 Dr. Wald Mr. V. Galikine
1973 - 1975 Dr. K. Scharmer Dr. M. Roeth-Kamat
1975 - 1981 Dr. M. Roeth-Kamat Mrs. I. Beckurts
1981 - 1985 Mrs. M. Engelmann Mrs. H. Schult
1985 - 1989 Mrs. U. Kielhorn Mrs. I. Wolf
1989 - 1993 Mrs. E. Meister Mrs. I. Wolf
1993 - 1995 Mrs. I. Wolf Mrs. M. v.Klitzing
1995 - 1998 Mrs. D. Eberhardt Mrs. A. Canty
1999 -2003 Mrs. H. Grünberg Mrs. Shanta Gupta
2003 - 2005 Mrs. A. Conrad-Wienands Mrs. M. Brückel
2005 - 2007 Mrs. H. Acker-Mantel Mrs. B. Kobertz
2007 - 2009 Mrs. H. Acker-Mantel Mr. W. Ullrich
2009 - 2011 Mrs. V. Kentzinger Mrs. C. Prell-Zander
2011 - 2018 Mrs. S. Cowling Mrs. C. Prell-Zander
2018 - 2020 Mrs. M. Peyser Mr. G. Schumacher
2020 -  Mrs. M. Woischnik-De Buck Mr. R. Skowronek
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